Planning vacation in Dubrovnik? Tips and recommendations

Dubrovnik is very popular among young tourists lately because Game of Thrones and Star Wars was filmed here. In February start filming new blockbuster Robin Hood. Dubrovnik is a top destination in Croatia and one of the top destinations in Europe so whoever came in Dubrovnik is amazed with a city so it’s a true, it is really amazing city.

My name is Antonio and I started this blog to help tourist with some tips, recommendations and information’s about Dubrovnik. I am born in Dubrovnik, living all my life here and working in tourism. From my experience as a local guy I will give you some tips if you are planning to visit Dubrovnik and Croatia. On internet you will find many information about Dubrovnik history but not so much tips how to save the money here, the best area to rent apartment or where to eat delicious food for reasonable money (like locals).

If you are a student and planning a trip to Dubrovnik do not forget your ISIC (International Student Identity Card). With that card you can get huge discount almost everywhere, when you are buying a plane ticket to Croatia, bus ticket inside the Croatia, museums, tourist attractions, national parks and many more places. Take your card with you and check which company offering discount when buying a plane or bus ticket. In Dubrovnik you can get huge discount on many tourist attractions with Dubrovnik card but also with your ISIC card somewhere you can get even more so depends what you want to visit in Dubrovnik check is it better to buy Dubrovnik card or use your ISIC, all this you can check in all tourist info centers.

DUBROVNIK CARD which I can recommend to everybody, it provides the card holder with a number of discounts and significant savings in money. Depending how long you will stay in Dubrovnik, you can buy a card for 1, 3 or 7 days. Dubrovnik card allowing entry into 10 cultural-historical monuments, 9 top attractions of Dubrovnik, and 1 gallery in Cavtat also you get discounts in specially designated restaurants, stores, souvenir shops, jewelry shops and tourist agencies and free buses throughout the city of Dubrovnik. If you are planning to visit only two attractions you will already same the money buying Dubrovnik card. If you buy it online you will get 10% discount.

RENTING APARTMENT in Dubrovnik is not so easy. There is thousands apartments in Dubrovnik and you need to choose one but which one? At the end you need a clean place to sleep, a place where you can cook something, not too expensive and that is close to the beach, bars, grocery shop and main attractions. Which part of the city to choose is always the problem but I will try to help you.
Dubrovnik old town is called the center of the city but if you like to walk you can walk from one side of the city to other side of Dubrovnik in 40 minutes so you do not need to choose the apartment in the center.
First of all, Dubrovnik is a small city so from one to the other side of town you can come in one hour walking and you are probably thinking, wherever I take apartment will be good but temperature and humidity in Dubrovnik during the summer is very high so you need apartment that will most suit you (beach, attractions, night life, bars, restaurants, etc.).

The number one location in the city is Lapad (Babin kuk). Lapad is quiet, touristic area with many beaches, bars, restaurants, grocery shops, etc. Lapad is only 5-10 minutes away by bus from the Old town and bus are leaving every 15 minutes. I will recommend it to everybody ( younger, older, couples, families) for shorter or longer vacation.

Old town is a second choice, I will recommend you if you are younger (night life) or you came in Dubrovnik for a day or two. Apartments in old town are 50 % more expensive than in the rest of the city.

Third place is Ploce, beautiful view on Old city, close to the old city but there are only one or two small grocery shops and only two crowded beaches.
Gruz is the worst part of the city since there is no any beach there and wherever you want to go you need to go with a car or bus. The closest beach is in Lapad.

Regarding apartment price, as I said before the most expensive are in old city. Other locations in the city are mostly the same, depends on the location of the apartment (how far from the beach) and quality of apartment.
From my point of view Lapad (Babin Kuk) is the best location to rent apartment in the city.
In Dubrovnik we really like to eat and we have many restaurants. As everywhere some are good and some not so good. It is always good to check tripadvisor rating but you need to know that it is better to eat outside the old city. You have good restaurants there but restaurants there are the most expensive and mostly you are paying location not quality.
My advice is to ask your host where to find a good restaurant close to apartment. In Lapad Restaurant Pantarul (no.1 on trip advisor) is really good, also Restaurant Lapad (good quality of food) and fish Restaurant Orsan in Lapad have always fresh fish and I can recommend it to you. Also you need to know that in Dubrovnik and Croatia fish is more expensive than meat and try our wine, you will be surprised. Enjoy!
I hope that I help you and I am 100% sure that you will enjoy it here. I am already three years in renting apartment business and I did not have a single unhappy guest.