As I traveled the world for years because of work and talking to people when they ask me where is Croatia, who are Croats, I realized that many people do not know about Croatia and Croatians, so I decided to bring you closer to Croatia.

It is quite normal that many people have never heard of Croatia because Croatia is a small country where lives only about 4.5 million people and therefore has less population than some central city in America. What you did not know is that Croatia has a very rich history that has 1246 islands, 8 national parks, 11 nature parks, that has 50 sites of the Stone Age or what certainly did not know that the Croatians invented the tie which today dressed all people of the world, every day.,. You’ve all heard of Nikola Tesla, somebody by electric Tesla cars, and somebody by a man to whom we owe what we have electricity in our homes, that we have cell phones, television, Instagram, twitter and facebook. Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan, Croatia and after schooling he went to work in America, where he achieved all inventions.

You probably have not heard of him but you will certainly hear in the coming years for Marin Soljačić which is 2007 years successfully performed the experiment of wireless energy transfer on the American Massachusetts Institute of Technology. So my friends, a little more and we’ll forget the cables in our homes to power mobile phones, laptops and other devices.

Now a bit of tourism in Croatia. Tourism in Croatia dates back to the distant 1850, so today Croatia has become one of the tourist top destinations in the world. I’ll write for you just a few awards that were given to Croatia. Lonely Planet declared Croatia the best tourist destination in 2005, and National Geographic Adventure award Croatia the best tourist destination in 2006. Travel Leaders, a leading company for the sale of travel in America, declared Croatia for international top destination for the area of Europe for 2012.godinu.By the analysis of Google data where people from 80 countries voted where they will like to spend their vacation, the highest percentage is obtained Croatia, thus has become the most desirable country for a vacation in the world for 2015 and 2016.

I think that I don’t need to write more  about Croatia, but it’s time for you to start making plans for a vacation in Croatia to visit Dubrovnik, our tourist top destination, to visit our islands, parks and to feel  the magic of Croatia which will forever remain in your hearts .